Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hardman Family Wedding

This wedding picture is from 1926, and is one of the best pictures in the family. I know a lot of the family members. In addition I have a taped recording of my Mother and Grandmother describing all of the people they knew in the picture. I still need to transcribe the tape. Comment below and let me know if you think I have identified everyone correctly.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Photos not included on Andy's CD

The photo below is "Unknown man 7". He looks like the same man who was attached to "Elizabeth Hardman 2".

The photo below is labelled "unknown woman 8"

The photo below is labelled "Harry Edwards 2"

I've found some more, which I need to scan. They seem to be George Gilbody, 'Aunt Polly' and others.


Extra information about photos on the CD given to Andy

Here is some extra information I found after looking at the backs of some of the photos I originally scanned a long time ago. I had not thought to revisit them to see what was on the back until I had done the CD for Andy Littlewood.
unknown man 1
On the back it says "Artiste PhotographerMiniature & Portrait Painter". Here is a picture of it:

unknown man 3
unknown man 4
unknown woman 2
Sidney Hardman 2.jpg
All have the studio as: Fred, the portrait specialist.15 & 70a Market St. Manchester
In 'Unknown Man 2', I have added the comment: This could be the man in unknown couple 2, he's wearing the same jacket
Unknown woman 1
Studio: A. Batho 486, Ashton Old Road, Openshaw
In very faint pencil writing it says "Ruth" on the back.

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