Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Extra information about photos on the CD given to Andy

Here is some extra information I found after looking at the backs of some of the photos I originally scanned a long time ago. I had not thought to revisit them to see what was on the back until I had done the CD for Andy Littlewood.
unknown man 1
On the back it says "Artiste PhotographerMiniature & Portrait Painter". Here is a picture of it:

unknown man 3
unknown man 4
unknown woman 2
Sidney Hardman 2.jpg
All have the studio as: Fred, the portrait specialist.15 & 70a Market St. Manchester
In 'Unknown Man 2', I have added the comment: This could be the man in unknown couple 2, he's wearing the same jacket
Unknown woman 1
Studio: A. Batho 486, Ashton Old Road, Openshaw
In very faint pencil writing it says "Ruth" on the back.

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